John Wurdeman



John Wurdeman

Born into a family of artists in Santa-Fe, New Mexico, in 1975, John from his early childhood developed a keen interest in art. He attended St. Michael's School and Trinity Episcopal High School in Virginia. He then attended the pre-college painting program at the Rhode Island School of Art and Design in 1991. He was accepted in 1992 at the oldest accredited art school in America, Maryland Institute, College of Art on a full scholarship. There he studied with professors Raol Middleman and James Hennessey. In 1995, he transferred to The Surikov Institute of Art in Moscow where he studied under Professor V. N. Zabelin. John is the only American to ever graduate from the the Surikov Institue. While attending the Surikov, John founded the Moscow based art group, "Vision" in 1996. In 1997 he traveled and gathered material for his diploma project in the Republic of Georgia. In 1998, he completed his Masters Degree of Fine Arts at the Surikov Institute in Moscow and co-founded The King Erekle International School of the Arts in Telavi, Georgia. John lives and paints today in a remote region of the Republic of Georgia.

A full autobiobraphy of the artist is available upon request.

Exhibitions partial list

Exhibitions:(partial list)

The artist's works are shown frequently at Lazare Gallery, Charles City, VA; Walls Gallery, Wilmington, NC; Wallace Fine Art, Longboat Key, Fl; as well as James Yarosh Assoc., Holmdel, NJ.

2009, The Russian Art Fair, London, England

2009, Solo Exhibition, A Quest for Beauty, Georgian National Museum in Sighnaghi, Republic of Georgia

Collections:(partial list)

His works can be found in private collections in numerous countries.

Artist Thoughts:

"Art essentially is a language that communicates the mysterious experience of delving deep into beauty, life, and thought. Great painting is the synthesis of mind, heart, and God; it is through this unity experience that eternal works of art are made which can bring us into contact with something greater than ourselves."

"Art is a way of thought, as well as being surfaces, feelings, and ideas that you come into contact and/or conflict with, deprived of its banality and looked upon as aesthetic material and beauteous form."

"True artists live to see, using the apparent physical world as a bridge or means to enter a finer tuned level of consciousness, which makes understandable, that which is inherently inexplicable in words. A successful artist is one who can convincingly infect his audience with that sweetly, drunken state."