Viktor N. Chulovich


Viktor N. Chulovich
1922 - 1994

Viktor Nikolaevich Chulovich was born 5 July in the village of Cherkizovo, in the Mytishcinskii region, near Moscow. He attended various schools and studios, where he studied under artists such as P.I. Petrovichev, F.S. Bogorodskiy, and K.M. Morozov. Chulovich's art has been exhibited since 1952, and his first one-man show took place in Moscow in 1972. His work can be found in many regional museum collections. He died in Moscow.

Exhibitions partial list

Awards:(partial list)

Awarded a Diploma by the Academy of Artists of the USSR, 1987
Awarded a diploma by the Soviet Ministry of the Russian Republic, 1977
Honorary Deed of the Presidium of Soviet Russia for taking part in the second republic-wide art show "Soviet Russia", 1965
Member of the Artists' Union of the USSR, 1950
Member of the Moscow Artists' Guild, 1949
Titled "Deserved Artist of Soviet Russia", 1979

Exhibitions:(partial list)

1954, First exhibition of works by young Muscovite artists, Moscow

1954, First exhibition of sketches by young Muscovite artists, Moscow

1956, Second exhibition of works by young Muscovite artists, Moscow

1958, Nationwide art exhibition, "Fourty Years of VLKSM", Moscow

1958, 1965, 1967, 1970, & 1972, All-Union Art Exhibitions

1964, "Blossom, Communal Land!" -Art exhibition dedicated to the toilers of the land and to the "conquerors" of the virgin soil, Moscow

1965, Nationwide exhibition, "Guarding the World" for the 20th anniversary of the Soviet victory in World War II.

1965, Second Russian Republic art exhibition, "Soviet Russia", Moscow

1967, Nationwide celebratory art exhibit, "Fifty Years of Soviet Power", Moscow

1967, Local exhibition of works by Moscow artists, "The 50th Anniversary of the October Revolution", Moscow

1967, Third Russian Republic art exhibition, "Soviet Russia", Moscow

1970, Nationwide art exhibition, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of V.I. Lenin's birth, Moscow

1970, Fourth Russian Republic art exhibition, "Soviet Russia", dedicated to the 100th anniversary of V.I. Lenin's birth, Moscow

1972, Exhibition of works by artists in the Russian Republic, "Around Our Native Country", Moscow

1972, Nationwide art exhibition, dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Soviet education, Moscow

1972, Solo exhibition, Moscow

1973, Nationwide art exhibition, "USSR: Our Homeland", Moscow

1973, Nationwide art exhibition, "Guarding the Homeland" for the 55th anniversary of the Soviet army and navy, Moscow and Baku

1975, Fifth Russian art exhibition, "Soviet Russia", Moscow

1976, Nationwide art exhibition, "Glory of Work", Moscow

1976, Russian exhibition of paintings: "Landscapes", Leningrad

Collections:(partial list)

Corporate Collection of SDM Bank

Kaluga State Art Museum

Kostroma State Art Museum

Pskov State Art Museum

Rostov State Art Museum

Russia Artists' Union
Gifts of Passing Summer, 2000, Oil on Canvas, 80 x 112cm

Vologda State Art Museum

Catalogues:(partial list)
1991 Viktor Chulovich, published by the Union of Artists of the USSR

Books:(partial list)
1982 Viktor Nikolaevich Chulovich, published by the Artists' RSFSR

Additional Information:

As a young child, Viktor Chulovich displayed a strong interest in and talent for art, and studied art throughout primary school. Once he reached sixth form, he began more in-depth art studies at the Pioneer Palace in Moscow. In 1939, at eighth form, he began to study painting and drawing at the 1905 Moscow Art School, where upon admission he was immediately moved to the second year level of the program. Chulovich studied painting there under Petr Ivanovich Petrovichev and drawing under Vasilii Petrovich Krymov. Chulovich completed only two years of schooling before being drafted into the Red Army in 1941. In August of 1942 he was seriously wounded in battle and by January of 1943 was completely demobilized.

Upon his return to Moscow, Chulovich came back to the 1905 but found that none of his former classmates or mentors remained. He planned to enroll at the Surikov Art Institute of Moscow instead, but could not when the school was evacuated as a result of the war. However, the Soviet State Institue of Cinematography had recently re-opened, so Chulovich enrolled there instead, and continued his studies in the art department under the direction of F.S. Bogorodskii and K.F. Morozov. Chulovich recalled: "It was a difficult time, and cold ruled the studio; our hands and feet froze. We made our own stove, filled it with wood to warm up, and studied, studied, studied." He graduated in 1945, and from 1949 to 1951 worked as an assitant at the Mosfilm studio. During his time at Mosfilm, he was honored as a member of the Moscow Artist' Guild (1949) as well as the Artists' Union of the USSR (1950).

Chulovich became completely involved in painting after leaving Mosfilm. He traveled extensively, living for periods in places such as the Mikhailovka countryside near Jerusalem, and painted everywhere he went. A trip in the early 1970s to Central Asia with Evgenii Golikhin had a profound effect on him, though he later said that experiences and encounters had in and around his Russian home made for equally deep and lasting impressions, as his creativity "was all about the process of obseration": at times he would simply sit and paint the things he saw outside his window. Chulovich claimed a great love for all the places he visited and painted, saying, "I love with all my heart and I will forever be devoted to these places." In his later years he took up painting primarily in the Martus Tver' countryside. Chulovich died in Moscow in 1994.