Yurii Dudov


Yurii Dudov
1918 - 1976

Yuriy Nikolayevich Dudov was born in Moscow and lived there all his life. He studied under N.P. Krymov at the Moscow Art College from 1936 to 1940. He attended the Surikov Institute in Moscow from 1940 to 1944, where he studied under A. V. Lentulov, I. E. Grabar, V. K. Byalynitskii-Birul, P. I. Petrovichev, S. V. Gerasimov, and V. N. Baksheev. Dudov became a member of the RSFSR Union of Artists in 1953. His work has been exhibited since 1948, and his first one-man show took place in Moscow in 1962. Dudov's works are found in many museum collections of Russian art.

Exhibitions partial list

Awards:(partial list)

Honored Artist of Russia
Workers' Medal

Exhibitions:(partial list)

1960, Soviet Russia exhibition

1962, 1968, & 1976, Solo exhibitions

Collections:(partial list)

Works can be found in the Tretyakov Gallery (Museum) and in Museums in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Kyrgyzstan as well as in private collections throughout the world.

Artist Thoughts:

"...Recalling my years of study, I cannot ignore the influence of the then-young masters: I. Grabar, S. Gerasimov, A. Lentulov, P. Petrovichev. Every one of them was a great artist and a special teacher. For example, while Grabar explained the principles of the Munich School Ashbe, driving home an understanding of "large form," Sergei Vasilievich Gerasimov paid more attention to color.
...Meanwhile, Lentulov had an unusually delicate sense of color and an infectiously sensitive relationship with nature. And with what delicacy did he create still life paintings! He'd place something that seemed ordinary and then you'd watch and before your eyes something surprising and beautiful appeared."

"From childhood on I was surrounded by theater and music. My father passionately loved art... and my mother was a soprano who had studied under Mazetti. We often had gatherings of artists, and the walls of our apartment were covered with paintings by Stepanov, Zhukovskii, Turzhanskii, and Rylov."

"I really love spring, watching the awakening of nature... I love our pure Russian winters. Finding yourself at one with nature, you can't abandon the feeling of happiness and joy for your homeland. I admire its greatness and beauty. I love the architecture, but I see it, drawn in nature, like a part of a landscape painting."

"The great artist-poet Byalynitskii-Birul also was very important to me. I was even fortunate enough to visit his dacha "Chaika [seagull]" and, especially important, to go with him to paint. Seeing the artist in his relationship with nature, seeing his privately created works... this is an amazing experience, filled with poetic excitement."

Additional Information:

Quotes about Dudov from N. P. Petrovicheva:

"From his predecessors in the Russian Realist School he learned broad free-thinking, and a sense of the truth in life; and along with this a poetic analysis of his surrounding world...

Music always lives on in his paintings, music which flowed throughout his life and into his paintings. This music defined his unique style, his individual color choices and the "melody" of his canvases. It seemed that one could not only look at his work, but hear it, too...

Dudov had a most precious quality in painting: the ability to draw without repetition. It is because of this that his paintings are so fresh and transparent, so close to nature with their harmony of color."