Vladymer Lebedev

Vladymer Lebedev

Vladymer Nikolaevich Lebedev was born in the Zagornova region of Moscow in 1925. He completed his art education in the State Art Studio for wounded veterans of World War II. He studied under world famous masters such has Yon, Titov, and Tsetlin. During World War II he was a commander in a heavy artillery battalion. He was given the First Rank Award for Participation in World War II. He was also given the Bravery Medal in Soviet Times, and in 1945 the medal "Victory over Germany". Finally he was given the medal of Honorary Worker to commemorate the hundred year anniversary of Lenin's death. Many of his pictures deal with the heroism of World War II.

Exhibitions partial list

Awards:(partial list)

Diploma for Artistic Excellence, given by the Artists' Union
Medal for Excellence in Creative Work
Member of the All-Soviet Artists' Union

Collections:(partial list)

Obinsky Historical Art Museum

The Russian Museum, Leningrad
Portrait of Sarah Lebedeva, 1936, Oil on Canvas, 35 x 26 cm

Tretyakov Gallery (Museum)
Back of a Female Model, 1927, Lamp soot on Paper, 48 x 29 cm

Tumin Art Museum

Ukrainian State Collection of Rovno