Vladymer Bolonkin

Vladymer Bolonkin

Vladymer Bolonkin was born in Moscow in 1921. He attended the Surikov Institute, completing his initial studies in 1951. He continued at the Institute until 1952 in order to complete the post-graduate program. In 1951 he was accepted to the All Soviet Artist's Union. From 1953 to 1957 he taught at the Surikov Institute. He died in 1974 in Moscow.

Exhibitions partial list

Awards:(partial list)

Honorable Artist, 1968
Honorary Works Award, Cabinet of Ministers, 1967

Collections:(partial list)
His works can be found in museums and private collections around the world.

Art Gallery of Nahodka in Primorsk

Museum Collection of the Ministry of Culture

National Gallery of Bulgaria in Sophia

Russian Embassy collections throughout the world

Tambov Art Museum