Nikolai Shcheglov

Nikolai Shcheglov

Nikolai Shcheglov was born in 1934 in Moscow. He first attended the preparatory art school of the Surikov Institute. He finished here in 1954 and went on to attend the Surikov Institute in the studio of Kybrick, Rodeonov, and Cheremni, all legendary artists. He graduated from the Institute in 1960. From 1962 to 1965 he studied in the Artistic studios at the Academy of Arts of the USSR under the direction of Shmarino and Kybrick. In 1964 he was accepted into the All-Soviet Artists' Union. He works and lives as an artist in Moscow.

Exhibitions partial list

Awards:(partial list)

Member of the All-Soviet Artists Union, 1964
Titled "Worthy Artist of Russia" by the State, 2000

Exhibitions:(partial list)
Since 1958 he has participated in all of the major Moscow Artist's Union exhibitions as well as in numerous foreign exhibitions

1971 & 1972, exhibited in both Eastern and Western Germany at an Academy of Arts exhibition for young artists

1979, Participated in a group exhibition of Moscow artists

1990, Participated in the 14th exhibition of the Central Artists House in Moscow

Collections:(partial list)

Puskin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow