Igor Raevitch


Igor Raevitch

Igor Raevitch was born on January 3, 1966 in Berlin, Germany, the son of a Russian diplomat. Igor's family stayed in Berlin till 1970, and then moved to Moscow for a short time. In 1971 Igor's father was sent to the USA so his family lived in New York until 1977 when they returned to Moscow. Growing up, Igor had a great interest in mechanics and do-it-yourself projects, and as he grew older his interests expanded to a love of reading and writing literature. He became very fond of Russian poetry, especially Mikhail Lermontov, and started writing poetry himself. After graduating from high school Igor applied for entry to the military paratroopers college, but the day before he was supposed to report he accidentally wounded his hand and therefore was rejected. This was a great emotional blow to Igor. After the failure of his hoped for military carrier (1983) Igor entered the Moscow automobile and highway institute from which he graduated in 1988. During this period Igor wrote several short stories which were published. Then, in accordance to the laws of USSR, Igor was taken to serve in the army for the next two years. This was a difficult time due to the USSR being involved in three "local wars" during his military tenure. It was the beginning of Chechnya, the Azerbaijan/Armenia conflict, and the Suchumy/Tbilisi conflicts. This was a shock to Igor and forced him into new experiences, gaining insights into other aspects of and appreciation of life. On the positive side it was during this period Igor started seriously painting and working with business related graphics. This was when Igor discovered his true passion and path in life -to become a skilled painter! As soon as he finished his duty in the army he was accepted in the preparatory school for the Surikov institute and in two years passed the entrance exams and in 1992 became a student of the Surikov Institute. He received advanced training at the Surikov Institute, under the direction of the legendary Professor V.N. Zabelin. He graduated from the institute in 1998 with a Masters degree in painting. His final thesis, which was painted to be judged by all of the professors at the institute, was dedicated to a very famous and symbolic place in Moscow - the Belorusskaja train station.

Exhibitions partial list

Awards:(partial list)

Granted membership to the elite artist group "Vision"
Invited to be a full-rights member of the Moscow Union of Artists, 1999
Invited to become a member of "Nadejdy", the Painters' Union, 1999

Exhibitions:(partial list)
Raevitch's works are shown frequently at Lazare Gallery, Charles City, VA; Walls Gallery, Wilmington, NC; Wallace Fine Art, Longboat Key, Fl; as well as James Yarosh Assoc., Holmdel, NJ.

1993 - present, has participated in all but one exhibition of the young painters of MOSH, the Moscow Union of Artists

1995, Christmas Exhibition, Moscow Union of Artists

1996, Easter Exhibition, Moscow Union of Artists

1997, Historical Exhibition, Moscow Union of Artists

Collections:(partial list)
His works can be found in private collections in Great Britain, Austria, USA, Germany, France, Hungary, South Korea, Japan, and Russia

Museum dedicated to the History of Aviation
Portrait of Aviator,

Museum dedicated to the Mormansk Shipping Company MSCO, in Mormansk
Ship in the Ocean,
New Land,
Port Dudinka,

Museum of the History of Dudinka
Ships in Water,

Nikolaiev Museum of Fine Art, Ukraine
Last Moment of Vershagrin,

Russian Museum of Hero's, Moscow
Has 20 paintings of war heroes and other heroes in the Museums permanent collection,

Additional Information:

Raevitch has introduced his own sublime and subtle vision to modern Russian art. Igor follows the tradition of the Moscow Art School that is based on love of nature and the infinite variety of nuances in the landscape. A distinguishing wide color palette is his artistic credo. The mood of each work is created by colors that make the work a harmonious whole - thus, a reserved palette in some paintings and more intense color in other paintings. Raevitch strives for the balanced integrity of light, color, and reality in his work. There is a special theme in the diversity of modern art - that of a lyrical Russian landscape. This kind of landscape requires great discipline from the artist and his work. The serenity, which one experiences while looking at a piece of art depicting nature, is the result of much work and precision of the artist's eye. States of nature and landscapes are always fleeting. The ability to grasp and convey the very first and poignant feeling to the spectator is a matter of honor for any landscape artist.