Gennady Korolev

Gennady Korolev

Gennady Georgievich Korolev was born in 1913 in the town of Bogorodsk near Moscow. He studied at the Surikov Institute under the Professors S. Gerasimov and V. Maksimov until his graduation in 1945. He also studied under K.F. Yuon, I.E. Grabar, V.V. Pochitalov, and P.D. Pokarzhevskii. In 1943, Korolev and 11 other academically accomplished artists were evacuated to Samarkand, Uzbekistan for the duration of the war. It looked like Moscow might fall to the Germans so the Soviet government decided to evacuate their most promising artists, who they saw as cultural assets. He graduated the Instiute with his PhD in 1950. Korolev started the Surikov Institute as a student, was later bestowed the honor of becoming a Surikov teacher and assistant to professor D.Mochalsky (1950/52), and then he became a full professor (head of a major studio) in 1965. When he was a student he was very outgoing and friendly. Korolov looked very young for his age. He was a great singer with a wonderful voice. He played guitar, and loved visiting friends. Living Surikov professors who knew Korolev recollect that he could feel color in incredible ways. They say that among gifted artists, Korolev had a greater talent. He was one of the first students to graduate from the Surikov. He was a close friend with Fomkin and was friends and painted with Danilivich. His two sons were also well-known painters; Andrei Gennadevich Korolev (1947 - 1999) and Sergei Gennadevich Korolev (1953 - 2003). His wife Svetlana Petrovna Ni was a famous sculptor as well. He died in 1995.

Exhibitions partial list

Awards:(partial list)

"People's Artist of RSFSR", 1994
Honored Artist of the Russian Soviet Federation, 1994
Titled "Peoples Painter of Russia", 1965

Exhibitions:(partial list)
The artist's works are shown frequently at Lazare Gallery, Charles City, VA; Walls Gallery, Wilmington, NC; Wallace Fine Art, Longboat Key, Fl; as well as James Yarosh and Assoc., Holmdel, NJ.

1945, Moscow Art Exhibit

1946, All-Union Art Exhibit, Moscow

1960, Soviet Russia, Moscow

Collections:(partial list)
His works are located in museums and private collections around the world including Russia, France, Japan, USA, Germany, and Korea.

Kuibyshev Art Museum

Museums in Greece & Yugoslavia

Nicolay Fine Art
Embroider, 1950, Oil on Cardboard, 50 x 35 cm

Russian Museum in St. Petersburg

Saratov Art Museum

Tretyakov Gallery (Museum)

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Some interesting quotes about Korolev by fellow artists, include:

From the artist and vice president of the Russian Academy of Artists, Professor T. T. Salakhov:
"At the Surikov, the students were amazed by [Korolev's] creative originality, energy, and limitless zest for life... Among the student circles, Korolev was considered to be one of S. V. Gerasimov's favorite students."

Praised by some of his former students:
A. Surovtsev, Akopyan Naira, N. F. Tereeschenko. Numerous quotes describe how he led his students in a diverse array of directions according to their talents, how admired he was at the Surikov, and what an excellent teacher he was.