Ekaterina M. Kugach


Ekaterina M. Kugach

Ekaterina Kugach was born in Moscow on October 9, 1965. She is the daughter of renowned artist Mikhail Kugach and grand-daughter of the famed Yuri Kugach and Olga Svetlechnaya. She began her art studies at the Moscow Intermediate Art School. She then went on to complete her education at the Surikov Institute, from which she graduated in 1990. Her diploma work was a series of still-life paintings. She was accepted into the Moscow Union of Artists in 1991. Ekaterina's work is characterized by her realistic approach to her subjects, her beauty of composition, and her use of color which culminate in a sense of form and space. She lives and works today in Moscow.

Exhibitions partial list

Awards:(partial list)

Accepted into the Moscow Union of Artists, 1991

Exhibitions:(partial list)
Since 1989 she has actively exhibited throughout Russia and abroad.
1990, Finland

1995, Barcelona, Spain at The Galeria De Akte La Pinakoteca

1996, Slovakia

1997, Vienna, Austria

1997, Madrid, Spain at Sala Minerva Circulo De Bellas Artes

1997, 1998, & 1999, London, England at Mall Gallery

1999, Moscow, Russia -Solo exhibit

2009, Kugach, Kugach, Kugach, Three Generations of Artists, American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center

Collections:(partial list)

Her works can be found in galleries and private collections in countries such as Russia, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, England, and the USA.

Books:(partial list)
The Connection of Times, Covering the works of Yuri, Olga, Mikhail, Ivan, and Ekaterina Kugach