About Lazare's Gallery

Lazare Gallery was established to seek and showcase paintings of rare beauty and quality. Over the ebb and flow of art history realism has had various incarnations. From the late 19th C to the mid 20th we find a curiously in tact school of realism in Moscow and St. Petersburg preserving the European inheritance of realism that amassed over millennium. Our team at Lazare Gallery has curated the most exemplary aspects of this unique school of painting, combining the mastery and depth of knowledge of old masters with a bright and passionate celebration of life combining antiquity, and modernism.


Lazare Gallery


"Lazare Gallery has established itself as the West's foremost repository of works from the Moscow School of Russian Realism."


Art as an Investment

We have collaborated with various museums, and private and public collectors, to organize temporary exhibitions, as well as educational programs on site at Lazare Gallery as well as in hosting institutions. We also have helped curate larger acquisitions, on behalf of investors, and institutions with a deeper range and scope of interest. We also receive interested guests, to stay on our property where we have guest houses, to learn about the art from us, spend time viewing works, also we have an extensive amount of literature and books on the property that can assist a discerning collector to understand more about the nature of this school of art and its place in a greater lineage of Art History allowing us to predict its growth in value going forward.