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Welcome to the New! Lazare Gallery

View of gallery from upstairs.
View of gallery from upstairs.
"I have visited most of the finer galleries in the U.S. I have never seen so many high quality paintings in any one gallery."
– Denis Chernyshov
Hudson River School expert and curator of exceptional paintings for numerous finer U.S. Galleries

"During the last three years, Lazare Gallery has removed more high quality paintings from Russia than any other gallery in the world."
– Anna Yurievna Mudrova
Ministry of Culture, Moscow

"...Life is a wonderful thing after all. But it is very, very, short...I am for immortality with all my heart..."
– Nikolai Sergeyev
Artist, former member of the Artists' Guild of the USSR

Welcome to Lazare Gallery

"It is wonderful," Russian artist Mikhail Kugach said recently, "to see a gallery recognize the importance of and focus on the most skilled artists of the Moscow School of Russian Realism, the world's greatest realism art movement of the 20th Century."

This showcase of Russian Realist painting, which has earned the admiration of Kugach and countless other artists, art collectors and art investors, is Lazare Gallery.

Located in rural Charles City County, Virginia, far from the capitals of the fashionable art world, Lazare Gallery is nonetheless the epicenter of the West's discovery of the surpassing beauty of Russian Realism.

Praying for Peace

May God hear our loving petitions and soften the hearts and minds of all, those within and outside Ukraine, during these dangerous times

January 1 - June 30, 2021

A Glimpse into the People and Places of 20th Century Russia

Enduring Paintings that Touch the Core of Human Truth

Art Historians consider Lazare Gallery's collection of art by some of Russia's most influential artists as the poetry of the 20th century. These masterfully painted works depict people, their lives and surrounding nature. These were not commissioned paintings or works that the artist
was unduly influenced by the art market of the times.
These were the paintings from their hearts.
They excite a sense of empathy in a very personal way.
This art celebrates life and implores us to appreciate the beauty of nature and humanity,
with all of its imperfections and mortality.
Please call 804-829-5001 to arrange a private viewing.

American Art Awards
American Art Awards

American Art Awards 2020

Lazare Gallery awarded Top 25 in USA

For 12 years, American Art Awards has selected the 25 Best Galleries and Museums in America. Among the criteria: years in business, industry reputation, online activity, location, size, exhibits, educational programs, represented artists and references from artists, clients and visitors. For 2020, Lazare Gallery has been chosen as Best Gallery in Virginia. According to American Art Awards, this is the West's foremost repository of works from the Moscow School of Russian Realism. The 6200 sq ft gallery encompasses an inventory of more than 1,100 masterful paintings. The gallery has loaned hundreds of paintings to Museums. The owners have received the Surikov Medal from the Russian Academy of the Arts, for their contribution to Russian Art History.

View Complete Press Release with Photos

American Art Awards Video

See video feature from article "Lazare Gallery Named Best Gallery Or Museum In Virginia By American Art Awards" Click on link below.

Video from 2020 American Art Awards
I Have Dissolved a Window  by Olga Ludevig
I Have Dissolved a Window by Olga Ludevig
May 1, 2019 - Nov 15, 2019

Lazare Gallery's Masterwork Series

Novikov Skuridin Svetlechnaya Zabelin Ludevig

Lazare Gallery's Master Works Series highlights select works by artists who studied, taught at or laid the foundation for the acclaimed Surikov Art Institute in Moscow. Celebrate their rich cultural and artistic heritage with us. Visit Lazare Gallery to view paintings that focus on this tradition of excellence and enduring relevance.
Open by appointment.
Please call 804-829-5001

More Details:
October 23, 2016 - May 15, 2017

Russia's Legend - Nikita Fedosov (1939 - 1992)

In 2005, the question - Who were the three most talented 20th century Russian artists? - was asked of senior members of the Academy of the Arts, the Director of the Surikov Institute, leaders of the Russian Artist Union and other prominent Russian Realist artists. The concept was that those who were highly trained in academic realism and were the practicing elite had the best eyes to understand who of their era stood above the others. Arkady Plastov, the revered genre artist received the most votes. Recognized for his plein aire landscape paintings, Nikita Fedosov was number two. Today, the top Russian auction houses refer to this acclaimed artist as "Russian's Legend".

Lazare Gallery cordially invites you to view over 60 of Fedosov's paintings. Taking several decades to assemble, this exhibition offers a rare opportunity to experience Nikita Fedosov's genius.
Open by appointment.
Please call 804-829-5001

More Details:

Virginia Living Magazine April 2017 Issue

Pages 19 and 21

Browse Virginia Living's April 2017 issue. The article "In the Oeuvre", pages 19 and 21 features Lazare Gallery. Read about the history of this internationally acclaimed gallery whose focus is 20th century Russian Realism.

Virginia Living April 2017 - see pages 19 and 21
The Warm Evening by V. Zabelin
The Warm Evening by V. Zabelin
June 1, 2016 - October 15, 2016

Best Works

by Renowned 20th Century Russian Realist Painters

At a time when the influences of contemporary art movements were suppressed within Social Realism, a distinct diversity was cultivated among Russian Realist artists . Like the masters before them, they expressed themselves by becoming the unequivocal best within their distinct genre of painting, creating a lasting legacy. Visit Lazare Gallery to view some of the best works by noteworthy 20th century Russian Realist artists.
Open by appointment.
Please call 804-829-5001

Painting Workshop at Lazare Gallery
Painting Workshop at Lazare Gallery
October 25, 2015

Master Plein Air Painting Workshop

Featuring Nikolai Dubovik and Olga Belakovskaya

Join famed Surikov Art Institute professor Nikolai Dubovik and the accomplished Olga Belakovskaya as they share their painting techniques and insights. Assisted by two award winning Surikov graduates, Kolya Dubovik and Aleksandra Khaneeva, the day is sure to be informative and inspiring.

Cost: $85 Payable the day of the seminar by check made out to Lazare Gallery

Register by Email: (attendance will be limitied so sign up early)

All levels of artists are encouraged to attend.

More details
Old Well on the Square by N Dubovik
Old Well on the Square by N Dubovik
October 24, 2015 - February 29, 2016

Two Generations
One Tradition

Nikolai Dubovik & Olga Belakovskaya
Kolya Dubovik & Aleksandra Khaneeva

The Staff at Lazare Gallery is pleased to host one of Russian's most prominent living artists, Nikolai Dubovik
for the opening of our Fall 2015 Exhibition on
October 24th from 3-6.
Mr. Dubovik is at the forefront of today's Russian Plein Air movement. As an esteemed artist and professor at the famed Surikov Institute in Moscow, Nikolai brings together the tradition of academic training from previous centuries, coupled with extreme talent. Accompanying Mr. Dubovik is his wife Olga Belakovskaya , also a graduate of the Surikov Institute. Olga has garnered multiple awards and has been teaching at the Art College of 1905 since 1996.
The two are joined by their son Kolya Dubovik and his wife Aleksandra Khaneeva. Don't miss this rare opportunity to meet and view paintings by these four beloved artists.
To view the exhibition on other dates, we welcome appointments.
Call 804-829-5001 or email

More details
May 3 - October 15, 2015

Nikolai Sergeyev (1908 - 1989)

Featured in Lazare Gallery's Masterworks Series

Trained in the classical tradition of the old masters, Nikolai Sergeyev not only built on tradition in his paintings but also added a poetic quality. His art proves that Russia had artists who were not swayed by the fashions of the day or time. Nikolai had independent views on art. He depicted reality sincerely and in a true to life manner. He did not think up loud innovations for the sake of market success. He worked hard, studying prototypes profoundly and emotionally. When viewing Sergeyev's landscapes, one senses, above all, the spiritual purity and clarity of the artist's vision.
Visit Lazare Gallery to experience Nikoli Sergeyev's sublime plein air paintings.

Opening reception on
Sunday May 3, 2016 from 2:30 to 5:30
or for other dates, call 804-829-5001 or email to set up a private tour.

More Details
Gala at the Embassy of the Russian Federation
Gala at the Embassy of the Russian Federation
Special Events

Photos of Kugach, Kugach, Kugach Opening Events

Including the Russian Embassy Gala and AUM Artist Reception

With much anticipation and enthusiasm, the Kugach family was recently welcomed to Washington DC. The festivities started with a gala dinner at the Embassy of the Russian Federation, benefiting Global Arts Network. The following evening, Mikhail Kugach talked about family paintings in the Kugach, Kugach, Kugach exhibition at the opening reception at American University Museum.

View more photos of the Events
Lecture at The American University

Katzen Art Museum

The Global Arts Network and the Humanities Council of Washington were proud sponsors of this lecture on the History of Russian Realism given by Historian of Russian Art, John Wurdeman

Lecture Video

Opening of Yuri Kugach Retrospective in Moscow

Featuring paintings by Yuri Kugach and Moscow River School Artists

Experience the excitement of Yuri Kugach's legacy at the opening of a major retrospective and tribute to this beloved and revered artist.

View Video of Retrospective Opening
Self Portrait by Yuri Kugach
Self Portrait by Yuri Kugach
March 21, 1917 - April 23, 2013

Yuri Petrovich Kugach

A Tribute

Recognized as one of the preeminent Russian artists of the 20th century,Yuri Kugach leaves the world a better place through his unwavering search for honesty and excellence in his paintings. He strove for aesthetic perfection by unraveling the language of beauty and transforming it into something useful. He was able to deepen representational art's spiritual and passionate depth at a time when these characteristics were largely abandoned elsewhere. Mr. Kugach also influenced younger generations of artists by playing an instrumental role in passing on master painting traditions. He and his beloved wife, Olga Svetlechnaya were founders of the renowned and still active Moscow River School. Yuri Kugach's paintings hang in major Russian Museums and private collections throughout the world. He was the recipient of numerous awards. He was treasured by his extended family & many friends including Lazare Gallery owners, John & Kathy. With gratitude, we remember and celebrate his life and works.

Yuri P. Kugach Biography
Summer Day by Yuri Kugach
Summer Day by Yuri Kugach

A Grand Epoch of Painting

Article by John Wurdeman

Why does mid 20th century Russian Realism consummate such a brilliant period in world art history. With insights gleaned through years of research and exposure to some the 20th century's most prominent Russian artists and art historians, John Wurdeman explores this fascinating subject.

Link to Article

Seeking Hidden Treasures

Experience "Seeking Hidden Treasures" as we take you on a journey to artists studios in Moscow.

View Video
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bringing Russian art lovers up to date news and information
regarding important events occuring in the world of Russian art.

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Herd by Gennady Korolev (1913 - 1995)
Herd by Gennady Korolev (1913 - 1995)

Reflecting on Traditions of Plein Air Russia

by John Wurdeman V, Artist
Plein Air Magazine, Spring 2011

As a student and graduate of Russia's premier Surikov Institute in Moscow, John Wurdeman,V brings a unique, informed perspective to why the development of Plein air painting in Russia parallels its western counterpart in many ways, but the aim of these artists, more often than not, was very different.

Read Article from Plein Air Magazine
Kathy and John at the Russian Art Fair
Kathy and John at the Russian Art Fair
June 6th - 8th, 2009

Russian Art Fair

In London

Lazare Gallery was honored to participate in the vetted "Russian Art Fair" at the Jumeirah Carlton Towers, London. Devoted entirely to Russian Art, this unique fair united dealers and collectors from across the world with a stunning array of the finest works produced by Russian Artists over the last millennium.

Now Available!


The Life and Works of Vyacheslav Nikolaivich Zabelin

This greatly anticipated book
by art historian
Sergey Gavrilychenko is now available.

Read More